Spear of Destiny

Interstitial - Madeleine

Saturday Afternoon, July 14, 1934

The following is a short one-on-one Choose Your Own Adventure-style interlude scene between the end of the last adventure and the start of the next one.

Madeleine makes her way back to the Sanctum with several shopping boxes full of winter clothing. The sides of the boxes read “Sachs Fifth Avenue” and “Nieman Marcus” – just because she’s headed into the high mountains on an adventure doesn’t mean she can’t look great! It’s a warm afternoon after the morning fog burned off, and the city’s people are out and about. As the young woman passes a corner newsstand, her mouth suddenly dries and the back of her neck breaks out in goose-pimples: her Sixth Sense detects that something supernatural has just occured. Madeleine feels an odd pull towards the newsstand something Important is there.

If Madeleine follows the pull towards the newsstand, turn to page 25

If Madeleine resists the pull and tries to figure out what is going on by herself, turn to page 27

If Madeleine resists the pull and goes to talk with Brother Poverty, turn to page 52

(Madeleine’s player chooses page 27 and starts the next page, and I add on)

Page 27

Madeleine can’t seem to resist the pull from the newsstand, but she tries to nonchalantly observe the situation. She sets her boxes down on the ground and begins perfunctorily digging through her purse to give her more time to assess what’s going on. She quietly whispers a few Atlantean words of power and activates The Sybil’s Sight. Through the Unveiling of Fate she glances around, looking for whatever – or whoever – set off her Sixth Sense. She can see no obvious active spells, and indeed the strange compulsion lasted only a few seconds, but it still lingers in her memory. She covertly inspects the people around her, but none seems to carry the telltale sign of Mana in their Pattern that indicates a mage.

Concentrating, she shifts from looking for signs of magic to seeing the lines of Fate. From each person, she can perceive a thousand tiny spiderwebs – interconnections tying them to other people, things, places. From Madeleine, there is also a thicker spectal web leading from her chest. A foot in front of her, it splits, one end leading towards the newsstand and another leading on towards her original destination, her Sanctum. Cleary, she is at a decision point, and an Important one as well.

If Madeleine follows her Fate towards the newsstand, turn to page 31.

If Madeleine follows her Fate to the Sanctum, turn to page 33.

Donnie Darko, minus the creepy rabbit mask! (Madeleine’s player chooses page 31 and again starts the next page with her character’s action)

Page 31

Never one to shy away from a challenge, and knowing Brother Poverty will understand, she begins to pick up her packages and head towards the newsstand, looking for anything of importance or suspicion. She follows thick line of Fate until it ends at a stack of newspapers. She feels a tingle through her body as she picks up the top paper and opens it at random. A the top of the World News section is a headline:

Hitler admits responsibility for “Night of the Long Knives”
Friday, 13 July, Berlin
After first covering the incident up, the German leader proudly admitted responsibility in a speech to the Reichstag today. In the speech, which was broadcast nationally, Hitler claimed that the arrest and slaughter of the German SA (a paramilitary Nazi organization) was a necessary action to prevent a coup allegedly planned by the group. In addition, many other “threats”, such as political enemies of the Nazi regime and non-Party journalists were arrested and assumed imprisoned or killed…

Madeleine’s heart pounds as she reads. If she had not Awoken, would she have been among those eliminated? Absently, she reaches into her coin-purse and pays the newsie a nickel. She adds the folded paper to the stack of packages and resumes her walk to the hidden wreck of a Victorian mansion she now calls home. Was it Fate trying to teach her a lesson, or was someone trying to draw her attention, and for what reason?

Turn to page 67

Dun-dunDUN! End of Interstitial. This will be a long-running background plot for Madeleine; it’ll continue in interstitial…or appear in the main story at some point. >:-D



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