Spear of Destiny

What Evan did afterwards . . .

After his revelation filled meeting with Jonah, Evan headed back to his small curiosity shop. His mind filled with new possibilities.

The next morning Evan began the preparation to cast the spells needed to hide the knowledge of Syrenia’s true name from himself. He knew that his knowledge of Syrenia’s name was too dangerous to let on to his mentor, unless he wanted to end up dead. Before, beginning the spell Evan wrote a himself a note with Syrenia’s name inside, and “Open next month, or in case of emergency.” He then cast the spells necessary to hide away the dangerous knowledge somewhere deep inside his mind.

Hours later, with the spells complete, Evan looked down at the note on the dresser and wondered what information the envelope contained. Sweat dripping down his head, Evan picked up his phone and placed a call.

“Hello, Josephine? Its Stephan. I have a opening for an assistant, that I think you would be just perfect for you, interested?”



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