Concejo San Francisco de Asis

A loose and quiet consilium of about 40 mages. The Consilium offices are located on the top floors of a building on Hyde street on Russian Hill.



The Hierarch is the elected leader of the Consilium. He or she may wield significant power over the direction and actions of the mages of the area – if the majority of those mages believe in the wisdom of that hierarch.

Janus – Acanthus Silver Ladder of the Order of the Sacred Diamond.

Councilors and Provosts

Each Order has its own councilor in the consilium, elected or otherwise appointed by the mages of that path in the area. Each councilor has a provost, whose job it is to both act as an intermediate and an assistant to the councilor.

Adamantine Arrow Councilor: Adamant Sage Santayana, Moros of The Fortress
Provost: Thor, Obrimos of The Fortress

Free Council Councilor: Emissary One-Antler, Thyrsus of the Society of the Awakened Rose
Provost: Orange, Thyrsus of The Farm

Guardians of the Veil Councilor: Epopt Isis, Obrimos of The Black Cats
Provost: Emerson, Mastigos of Bartholomew’s Cafe

Mysterium Councilor: Heirophant Weaver, Acanthus of Order of the Sacred Diamond
Provost: Kelios, Mastigos of Bartholomew’s Cafe

Silver Ladder Councilor: Deacon Amaranth, Moros of The Black Cats
Provost: Chekov, Acanthus of The Mission


Heralds are the gossip-mongers and information outlets of the consilium.

Huli – Acanthus Silver Ladder of Bartholomew’s Cafe
Pheelan – Thyrsus Silver Ladder of The Mission


Sentinals are the magical law enforcement of the consilium, and are often (rightly) feared for this, as mages in general dislike others having power over them.

Iron – Obrimos Arrow of The Fortress
Byzantine – Mastigos Silver Ladder of the Order of the Sacred Diamond

Concejo San Francisco de Asis

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